Conscience Vote debate hardens

By Nima Green

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has hardened his stance against gay marriage by saying he would ban members of his party from crossing the floor to vote on their own personal beliefs. On the other hand, the Labor Party has recently voted that its members will be allowed this right.

I looked into what this means for our members of parliament, by speaking to Federal Labour MP Stephen Jones and Michael Van Dissel, the Federal President of the Young Liberals Executive, who controversially argues that the whole issue of gay marriage is overblown, calling those who support it, people on “the fringe elements of the lunatic political left.”

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Broadcast on Panorama on SYN 97.7FM,  on Monday 12th December 2011,

2 thoughts on “Conscience Vote debate hardens

  1. Thanks Ben. Yes indeed, I couldn’t believe it the first time he said it. The sad thing is that he comes across as quite a persuasive speaker, and so can’t just be dismissed off hand. Nevertheless, it is pretty sad that he, and other Liberals, are so intransigent when it comes to gay rights.

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