Greek media crisis: “Everyone’s TVs went blank last night and that’s quite an odd feeling”

Photo: WhlteXbread, Flickr

Photo: WhlteXbread, Flickr


The Greek government shut down Greece’s public broadcaster ERT on Tuesday night, calling it a “haven of waste”. The unprecedented move, which the government said was part of a cost-cutting drive, has been met with defiance, as ERT journalists have continued broadcasting on the internet. Voice of Russia’s Nima Green reports.

Nearly 2,700 jobs have been cut and re-transmission won’t happen for three months, which has been condemned by pro-democracy campaigners around the world.

Thousands of protesters gathered outside ERT’s headquarters in Athens after their TV screens went black, to protest against Greek state TV and radio being pulled off the air late last Tuesday night, at 11.10pm local time.

ERT journalists reacted with anger and dismay as they found out just a couple of hours before they went on air that their jobs had been cut, and that their company was being disbanded.

[Listen here->]

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