Hollande imposes ‘great unwrapping’ on French gov’t

Photo: J. A. Alcaide, Flickr

Photo: J. A. Alcaide, Flickr


From expensive cars and watches to multi-million pound houses with extensive art collections. France is agog at the wealth unveiled by the country’s government ministers, who have been forced to publicly reveal their assets by President François Hollande. Voice of Russia’s Nima Green reports.

President Hollande’s orders to force his cabinet to reveal the entirety of their personal finances, has been met with great interest in France, in what’s been called ‘le grand deballage’, or the ‘great unwrapping’.

Figures posted online detailing bank accounts, property, jewellery, cars and art works reveal that several of France’s 37 Socialist ministers are millionaires.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, the son of a high profile art-dealer, has been revealed to have a fortune of 6.7 million euros, including a flat worth 2.7 million euros.

[Listen here->]

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