Russia chairs G20 business summit in London

Photo: Pedro J Pacheco, Flickr

Photo: Pedro J Pacheco, Flickr


Business leaders from the G20 countries – called the B20 – met in London to discuss recommendations on how to tackle the Eurozone crisis and stimulate growth across different regions and industries. The meeting comes ahead of July’s G8 summit in Northern Ireland. Voice of Russia’s Nima Green reports.

Top of the agenda was how to tackle the bleak economic outlook of many of the G20 nations, some of whom are continuing to struggle under the weight of austerity measures.

For Russia specifically, business leader Dr Alexander Shokhin, Head of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs and industrialists, said that Russia must make it easier for entrepreneurs and investors to do business.

He echoed Russia’s ombudsman Boris Titov’s proposal earlier this month, that Russia must give an amnesty for businessmen guilty of economic crimes, “to humanise criminal legislation and encourage transparent business.”

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