Syria allows UN inspectors to investigate chemical weapons allegations

Khan al-Assal, near the key city of Aleppo, was the scene of a purported chemical attack, and is one of the three places the Syrian government has agreed to allow inspections. (Friends of Syria)


The Syrian government has agreed for the first time to let United Nations inspectors into the country to investigate the use of chemical weapons.

Nima Green reports for VoR.

Rumours and accusations that chemical weapons,  including nerve agent sarin, have been used in Syria have been rife for months.

And now the UN has finally been given the go-ahead to try and find definitive proof as to whether the allegations ring true.

A UN team of 8-10 experts, including inspectors from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), will be headed up by Swedish scientist Dr Ake Sellstrom.

However, the UN is investigating only 3 of 13 separate reports of chemical attacks.

Also, the UN mandate only includes investigating whether chemical agents have been used, and not who is responsible.

Dr Ralf Trapp is a chemical weapons expert and a former OPCW inspector.

He says that he has serious concerns over the endeavour.

[Listen here->]

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