Nima Sherpa Green

Nima Sherpa Green is a British/Sherpa journalist and producer.

She currently reports for Channelnomics Europe and CRN, Europe’s leading B2B publishers on the IT Channel. As a member of the editorial team, she provides insightful market analysis and daily reporting on the events and trends that are impacting businesses across the continent.

Nima has a multimedia background in newsrooms across the world, covering topics as diverse as food travel on Easter Island, to the relationship between mental health and debt in the UK. Nima’s advanced digital skills have been cultivated as a commissioning editor at The African Business Magazine; producing at the Russian World Radio Service London Bureau; reporting at Vice Magazine; and from editing the country guides of the Flash Pack Travel Agency. She has an MA in Journalism from Monash University, Melbourne, and a BA in Southern African political history from the University of Sheffield.

Her work has appeared in Vice Magazine, The African Business Magazine, The Guardian, Sputnik News, The Herald Sun, Hipmunk Travel, and Urban Adventures.

Nima was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. The UK, Uganda, South Africa and Australia are all countries she’s been an immigrant in.

Contact Nima via nima.green@incisivemedia.com, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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