Nima Sherpa Green

Nima Sherpa Green is a British/Sherpa freelance journalist, producer, editor and copywriter.

Sailboat hitchhiking around the Caribbean and political coup dodging in the Gambia has been par for the course for her last two years. With a passion for travel and eye for a good story, she’s been compelled to journey around the world on a dream globetrotting trip. 86 countries across six continents later, Nima’s looking to join a publisher who could use her combination of writing and editing skills, and expansive knowledge of the world.

Her work has appeared in Vice Magazine, The African Business Magazine, The Guardian, Sputnik News, The Herald Sun, Hipmunk Travel, and Urban Adventures.

In a former life, she worked in the London Bureau of international radio broadcaster the Voice of Russia, reporting on air, and editing their website.  She completed a Master of Journalism at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, while reporting at the Herald Sun (the obnoxious Aussie cousin of the Daily Mail), the biggest selling paper in the country.

Nima was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. The UK, Uganda, South Africa and Australia are all countries she’s been an immigrant in.


In need of compelling, attention-keeping content? Have a B2B campaign that requires professional management?  Contact Nima via nimasgreen@gmail.com, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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