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(Credit: Cuba Gallery, Flickr)

In addition to the financial analysis reporting I currently do for Sputnik; the African economic outlook pieces I wrote and copy-edited for The African Business Magazine; and the everyday business challenges I have explored in colourful features for Vice Magazine; I have also filed radio packages and presented live on a range of UK business news.

Below is the audio from a handful of my pre-recorded radio packages and live interviews.

British MPs Criticise Plans To Raid Bank Accounts For Tax Debts

Broadcast on Voice of Russia London.

A group of British MPs have criticised plans to allow HM Revenue and Customs to settle unpaid tax debts by taking money directly from people’s bank accounts. The Treasury Select Committee says that it is concerned innocent people could have their accounts raided, as HMRC has a history of making mistakes.  VoR’s Nima Green reports.

Tesco’s Profit Fall: ‘It Took Its foot Off The Gas And Lost Its Identity’

Broadcast on Voice of Russia London.

British supermarket giant Tesco has announced a second year of falling profits, down 6 percent to £3.1 billion. The chain has more than 3,000 stores in Britain, and around £1 in every £7 spent by consumers is spent in a Tesco store. VoR’s Nima Green asked retail analyst Brian Roberts why the highstreet stalwart is losing ground to its competitors.


Welfare Cuts Leading To Growth In British Entrepreneurs

Broadcast on Voice of Russia London.

Self-employment had risen by over 200,000 in the three months to January at the same time as there had been a fall in the number of employees, according to the Bank of England. Self-employment had accounted for almost half of the rise in employment since 2010. VoR’s Nima Green spoke to leading British entrepreneur Paul McEldon, chief executive of the North East business and Innovation Centre.


Scottish Independence: CBI Head Warns Of ‘Economic Dislocation’

Broadcast on Voice of Russia London.

As uncertainty over the upcoming Scottish independence referendum continues to swirl, the weight of the historic decision looms large for many Scottish business owners. Diving into the fray, the new President of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), Sir Mike Rake, has warned that Scottish independence would result in “economic dislocation”. VoR’s Nima Green has more.

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