Egypt braces itself for a bloody anniversary

Ahmad Hammoud, Flickr

Ahmad Hammoud, Flickr


Egypt is preparing itself for mass demonstrations for and against President Mohammed Morsi this weekend, to mark the first anniversary of his inauguration. Many fear serious clashes between rival factions, and possible army intervention, will result in bloodshed on the streets.

So far, five people have died and more than 500 have been injured in the last two days the run-up to the protests. Nima Green reports on the escalating situation.

The idealism and hope that surrounded the inauguration of Egypt’s first elected leader, President Mohamed Morsi, on June 30th last year, has long since dissipated.

In its wake, anger and antipathy against Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood party has been simmering for months.

His critics say that Morsi has failed to deliver on his promise to be a president “for all Egyptians”.

They say he has marginalised opposition voices and forged ahead with policies that have further polarised an increasingly divided country.

The Tamarod, or ‘rebellion’, campaign calling for Morsi’s resignation, claims to have gathered 15 million signatures.

Many in Egypt are calling this weekend a make or break moment for Morsi.

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